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February 15, 2012
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The Whinnier in Darkness by DeepTriviality The Whinnier in Darkness by DeepTriviality
“Uhm, yeah... About that last letter to Princess Celestia. It turns out I was wrong about them,” said Dress Form Number Twelve. “The Migo crossed the black gulfs of infinity to help all ponykind. But, ponies aren’t made to last the long distances across the void. That’s why they have to remove your brain and put it in these.”

Dress Form Number Twelve gestured grandly with it’s hoof toward the other dress forms, who stomped their felt and wire-mesh hoofs in agreement.

“They use some kind of egghead chemicals that keep the brain alive indefinitely,” said Dress Form Number Two. “I can’t wait to soar through space and time! For-Ever! How stupendoepicallyawesome would that be!”

“It’s not painful,” said Dress From Number Four, “It’s like going to sleep. The most restful sleep you’ve ever experienced. And when you awake, you’ll be slender and shapely. Forever! That means I can bounce and bounce and bounce and never run out of energy! Foreeeeverrrrr….”

Rarity recoiled. A dramatically long lugubrious whine escaped her pouty lips. “But I don’t want to be a dress form! How… How unfashionable!”

“Why do ya always have to be so fussy,” said Dress Form Number Eight. “They used to put brains in cylinders — this here’s a major improvement.”

“Wait, everydressform,” spoke up Dress Form Number Seven, though barely audible over the others. “We should let her sleep on it. I mean, if you want to. But it would be rude to decide for her. She needs to come to this decision on her own. Unless, you know, you don’t agree, then it’s okay. I guess…”

“Thaaaaaat’s right!” exclaimed Dress Form Number Twelve. “You go and get some good sleep. We’ll just hang out here until you wake up. Perfectly safe. Yessiree. Nothing at all to worry about.”

* * *

Happy Birthday to my good friend, :iconzorkfox:, who is very fond of Rarity. And who isn’t?

I drew the background from a base created by the extremely talented :iconadamlhumphreys:, which can be found here: [link] The only reason I redrew it at all was because I wanted the scrollwork to match my own style and line-weights.

The entire piece was drawn in Illustrator, using my laptop’s trackpad. Mostly just to see if I could do it.

Rarity & My Little Pony is ©Hasbro
The Whisperer in Darkness was written by H.P. Lovecraft
drawn by me.
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nomorezombies Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Somehow this doesn't seem as...scary.
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I hate Mannequins!
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Okay, time to break out the fungicide.
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Just book cover art.
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This needs to be turned into a fanfic. Poor Rarity and her friends!
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One minute I need t oshow this to my sister, The Rarity and Lovecraft fan.
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